About swissSIER

swissSIER is a non-for-profit organization to enable the professional development of researchers in the areas of technology and innovation management, strategic management, and entrepreneurship. We are a peer-to-peer community of doctoral and junior faculty researchers who are performing their doctoral studies at or with Swiss universities.

Motivation, Mission, and Goals

In Switzerland, researchers in the domains of strategic management, innovation, technology management, and entrepreneurship are often located at small institutes or research groups. This leads to isolation of research efforts and loss in synergy between similar or related research interests. From the perspective of doctoral students, the professional training differs significantly between the research centers, so that aspiring doctoral students have sought collaboration with other institutes on an ad hoc basis in order to find complimentary capabilities. swissSIER has been founded to help facilitate this process.

swissSIER is committed to enabling professional development through a peer-to-peer community of doctoral and junior faculty researchers in the fields of strategic management, technology and innovation management, and entrepreneurship, who are performing or have performed their research at or with Swiss universities. Our network offers an organized platform to collaborate on and constructively discuss research, to benefit from friendly mentoring by our senior members, as well as to seize opportunities of co-developing data sources for complimentary research projects.


In order to motivate and support the commitment of our members, we organize our activities through different channels.

Meetings & Events

Personal communication is key to any community, and the geographical proximity of Swiss higher education institutions allows for convenient gatherings. swissSIER members have the option to meet at two major events each year:
  1. Our main event has been a two-day colloquium retreat, organized around working-groups dealing with such items as publishing research, data collection strategies, or analysis methods. This event has traditionally been also oriented towards socializing of new members, in order to build trust and a stronger sense of friendship and community. The event is usually held at an external place, entailing traveling for all members, which provides for the necessary environment to concentrate on the workshops and further group cohesion. For 2012 we plan on organizing this event as a Winter School type extended weekend with a strong focus on bringing together our doctoral and junior faculty members.
  2. In the summer time, we have previously organized a one-day event at one of our member institutions. These meetings have been a combination of a meeting of the board, and a chance for members to update the community on their research. Topic-groups gather and collaborate on research questions. In the past, we invited professors from the host institutions for a kickoff speech at the one-day event. This provides for a good tone for further discussions and also allows visiting members to get to know some of the professors outside of their institutions.

Online Community

As network base we have recently transferred all our network activities to Facebook Groups to better leverage the social network integration and distributed collaboration, and minimize administrative hurdles for all members. This is a closed group, only accessible for members only and enables interaction and exchange. In particular, we are sharing there information about relevant summer schools, conferences, and calls for papers.
The Facebook Group is complemented by a this webpage that serves as central hub for both members and non-members. Over the course of 2011, it is envisioned, to enlarge and update this web-presence in order to allow a public and private section. The latter will contain static information and materials for members only.

Public Facebook Fanpage

If you are a friend or otherwise a non-member supporter of swissSIER please consider to add us to your liked pages on Facebook. Our Fanpage will allow you to receive our public news and hear about swissSIER events, or simply show your support for our initiative. Thanks!

Organizational Structure

swissSIER is an official association under Swiss law. An elected board and several activity groups, as well as local coordinators at each active research institution help communicating events and driving the organization. Please visit our contact page for further information.