swissSIER is a non-for-profit organization to enable the professional development of researchers in the areas of technology and innovation management, strategic management, and entrepreneurship. We are a peer-to-peer community of doctoral and junior faculty researchers who are performing their doctoral studies at or with Swiss universities.

What we do

The network offers an organized platform to collaborate on or constructively discuss research. A mentoring element is provided by our senior members who are approaching the completion of their work and pass along helpful advice to those who are new to their studies. In addition, swissSIER also provides opportunities for members to co-develop data sources for complimentary research projects.

Benefits of swissSIER

swissSIER benefits both its immediate members and the Swiss community of academic researchers. Members share and gain knowledge relevant to their research topics, connect with potential research partners and receive feedback on their academic work and progress. These activities allow leveraging resources as well as capabilities that Swiss researchers have to offer. It also provides a strong external image about the determination of Swiss researchers to be at the leading edge of research into ntrepreneurship, innovation strategy, and the management of technology.


swissSIER provides a platform for both PhD students that currently pursue their research at or with a Swiss higher academic institution and junior faculty has pursued their doctoral studies or is currently working at a Swiss institution. The research of our members focuses on the fields of strategic management, innovation and technology management, or entrepreneurship. Members qualify by their affiliation and research. We distinguish between full and associated members.
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